About Me

hello there!

My photography eye sees the world, nature, people, and objects in a way that creates excitement in my heart. It motivates me to capture the beauty within those things. I'm a dreamer. I can imagine and think of ideas in my head for a session and go out and create it. Photography is powerful and just by looking at an image you can see the story behind it. Let me tell your story through the beautiful images that we create together. 

"Photography is the story I fail to put into words."
- Destin Sparks

i like to call myself a storyteller

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In May of 2019, I got married to my amazing husband Austin! We met while both serving in the middle school ministry at our church. We love going on walks and hikes with our German Shepherd Montana (aka Momo)! Some activities my husband and I love doing together is going on drives out to the country, watching a good show/movie or just going out to run errands. My husband is a big supporter of mine with my business and he sometimes will come along with me to my photo sessions. 

 - Kellie Kent

Jesus follower
I want my business to represent Jesus in every aspect 

My favorite genre of music is oldies
70's music is my jam!

my favorite food is pickles

matcha lattes are my favorite coffee shop drink

my favorite season is fall
and i love pumpkin patches!

5 fun facts about me